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Tressa Vazquez
Michael Peterson
Jess and Zach Poitra
Tressa Vazquez

Tressa Vazquez is a Dallas based Yoga Teacher, Sound Meditation Guide and Kambo Practitioner.


As Tressa describes it, she was raised by parents with awareness who instilled the importance of meditation, breath, daily practice and time for self expansion. It is this upbringing that guided Tressa on her own spiritual path from a young age, one that she had all but abandoned by her 20’s.


At the age of 27, Tressa was clinically obese with 3 small children and a corporate career in medical recruiting. It was this life situation that lead Tressa to a gym and ultimately to her yoga mat. Less than a year into practicing yoga at the gym Tressa left to find a studio that would support her growth in yoga and her return to her roots. In 2010, a hundred pounds lighter, Tressa became  a registered yoga teacher and began teaching yoga focusing her teaching on students outside of the western “norm”; beginners, senior citizens, students with cancer, scoliosis, Parkinson’s and more.


In 2014 Tressa left medical recruiting to become a full time yoga teacher. Yoga and it’s eight limbs reconnected Tressa with the universal truths she had been disconnected from, opening her to new experiences and opportunities. 


One of those opportunities came through an invitation from a long time friend in early 2017 that introduced Tressa to plant medicine and La Familia Ayahuasca. From her first encounter, Tressa knew her life was forever changed and her medicine path began.


After working with Zach and Jess for a little over a year, Jess invited Tressa to come to Guatemala to train as a Kambo Practitioner.  Without a thought the answer was yes!


In January of 2019, along with 3 others, she completed the Ayahuasca Family’s  Kambo Deeksha, La Familia Ayahuasca's Kambo training intensive in Guatemala.


During that training it became clear that the "yes" Tressa received prior to the trainging was Kambo’s "yes".  That is an invitation from the frog to step into this space, a strong connection was formed.


Tressa has experienced first hand the generous love and healing properties of Kambo, both personally and through the people she works with. Tressa’s clients include EMT’s, firefighters, teachers, nurses, business executives, entrepreneurs and people confronted with a variety of challenges including addiction, cancer and auto-immune diseases. Tressa currently facilitates individual and group Kambo ceremonies in Dallas, Austin and Columbus, OH. 

Contact: info@healyourtribe.com

Michael Peterson

In 2019 Michael completed the full La Familia Ayahuasca Kambo Deeksha Training Program and has taken to facilitating Kambo sessions like a frog to trees ;-).

Michael first met Zach and Jess in August of 2018. Having just finished his graduate studies in business and public policy, he went to Guatemala to do some personal development work and study Spanish before starting his Peace Corps service.


Ayahuasca was the first part of his journey with Zach and Jess in Guatemala, and ended up being a catalyst for unexpected levels of growth and self exploration. After his first retreat, he immediately signed up for the rest of their retreats during his time in Guatemala. 


In addition to being a Kambo practitioner, Michael also studies Ayahuasca and tree medicine with Zach and Jess.  If that were already not enough, he also studies at Amaru Spirit under the guidance of David ‘Slocum’ Hewson, to become a Tobaquero.


Zach and Jess

Jess discovered Kambo almost immediately after her first Ayahuasca retreat.  It is like the two spirits pulled her towards both of them at the same time.  

In fact, Jess's first time with Kambo was an inoculation wherein she almost immediately had a transcendent experience with Kambo which is quite unusual.  Soon after that first session with Kambo, Jess found herself to be room mates with two Kambo practitioners.  So, almost immediately after her introduction to Kambo, Jess was helping these practitioners with their  Kambo circles.

Jess had started studying Ayahuasca and doing shamanic dietas with plants and trees before being fully trained with Kambo. In fact it was actually during an Ayahuasca ceremony that Kambo appeared in her visions saying "You know we are going to be working together, right?"

Soon after Jess's vision through Ayahuasca, both Jess and Zach were fully initiated into Kambo and received their full training.

In contrast to Jess, Zach's first experience with Kambo was at his Ayahuasca retreat center in Peru way back in 2011.  It was not as pretty of a story as Jess's.


One day at Zach's camp,  Pepé a local Matsés casually stopped by the camp and offered him Kambo.  

Zach accepted the invitation, but there was little ceremony, explanation nor preparation around the experience.  The two of them simply went out to a clearing in the jungle wherein Pepé burned three very large gates (holes in the skin) into Zach's arm and applied a large amount of Kambo to those gates.

Zach fell to the ground quite quickly was writhing in the dirt. He promptly had the thought, "Oh my god, Pepé gave me too much and I am going to die!"

Of course, Zach did not die, but there was not much in terms of prep, ceremony nor post treatment conversation.  This left Zach a little put off by the experience.  

It was not until Jess came along that Zach started to hear stories around Kambo and how powerfully healing and transformative that it could be.  So, it is through Jess that Zach ended up following Jess on the path of Kambo.  It is through Jess, that Zach has learned to fully appreciate Kambo and have his own wonderful direct experiences with Kambo.

In the Poitra family, Jess is the Frog Queen as she clearly has a special relationship with Kambo.